Projecting Geometry to Surface – Project Point – Example 20.3

To make your 2D information imported from Elk per Example 20.1 into a 3 Dimensional model, we will use various variations of the “Project” geometry components. The first one we will look at is… Continue reading

Adding Topography to the Site Model – Example 20.2

So you have a nice 2D document started and now you want to add some topography? Well, it is possible with Elk, and the process seems pretty straightforward at first, but unfortunately it… Continue reading

2D Site Model from Open Street Maps – Example 20.1

One very useful add-on for Grasshopper is a plugin called Elk which can be downloaded for free from Food4Rhino. While it has some issues, which I will talk about when they come up,… Continue reading

Random Walk – Example 10.1

This is an example of a structure that grows through a simple process known as a “Random Walk.” These random walks have several applications in scientific modeling, for example ecosystems, and even financial… Continue reading

Diffuse Limited Aggregation Structure – Example 10.2

A fairly useful and simple fractal growth process that can be used for modeling natural structures is known as the Diffuse Limited Aggregation algorithm. Many growing structures in nature follow this logic, from… Continue reading

Fractal Terrain Generator – Example 9.3

While not typically something used by landscape architects, many Computer Generated Landscape artists use procedural world generation software to create landscapes that have no basis in actual, real world landscapes, but can look… Continue reading

Multiply and Scale Geometry – Example 9.2

This second script also demonstrates fractal behavior with self-similarity through scales and recursion. The premise is fairly simple. It takes a piece of geometry, a circle, rectangle, blob, etc. and in each recursion makes a… Continue reading

Basic Fractal Generator – Example 9.1

Before getting into some more complicated and more interesting fractal patterns, I wanted to show this fairly simple example to demonstrate what a fractal pattern is in theory. This script also might be… Continue reading

Surfaces from Image Sampler – Example 4.6

So it has been a few weeks since I’ve put anything new up. No, the blog is not dead (yet!) I was just on vacation in Greece. Getting back into things I am… Continue reading

Curve Evolution – Example 8.4

This script uses a fairly straightforward recursive process known as “curve evolution” to create descending contour lines. The results can get quite interesting depending on the starting pattern. The concept of curve evolution is… Continue reading