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Example 7.4 – Kármán Vortex Street – Spiral Forces

A last major category of forces you can use in the Grasshopper Vector Field Tools are spiral / vortex forces. There isn’t a special component for these, but they are created by simply… Continue reading

Example 7.3 – Line and Vector Forces combined with Point Charges

The previous vector field examples looked at patterns with Point Charges and with Spin Forces. In this next example, I will look at two additional basic forces in the Grasshopper Field Components set.… Continue reading

A simple model of a Natural Process – Example 5.4

One of the things I’ll mention a lot in this blog is that complex geometry and form usually comes from pretty simple rules, with an element of controlled “randomness” applied. This example might… Continue reading

Orienting and Non-Uniform Scale (Sand Dunes) – Example 5.3

This is another script that uses orienting geometry to create forms, and if you were able to figure out Example 5.2 this one should be pretty easy. It uses orients a piece of geometry which… Continue reading