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Path Finder using a Recursive Process – Example 8.5

A not uncommon task for Landscape designers is to draw paths through the landscape. If you are working on a “flat site” (something which doesn’t exist) or if you are just deciding to… Continue reading

Growing, Branching, and Scaling Pattern – Example 10.6

Before leaving the topic of growing and branching structures, I wanted to show one more possible variation to the concept which was introduced in Example 10.4 and further explored in Example 10.5. This… Continue reading

Curve Evolution – Example 8.4

This script usesĀ a fairly straightforward recursive process known as “curve evolution” to create descending contour lines. The results can get quite interesting depending on the starting pattern. The concept of curve evolution is… Continue reading

Recursive Subdivision of a Topographical Surface – Example 8.3

This example is partly regional analysis, partly trying to make cool images, and partly could have some practical applications. I’ve seen a few scripts floating around called “Recursive Subdivision of a Surface.” One… Continue reading

Changing the Script – Example 8.2

Most scripts develop over time, or combine elements from many different places to try and create something a bit different. In this example, I wanted to only change a few minor parameters. Instead… Continue reading

Ice-Ray Lattice – Basic Recursion – Example 8.1

This script is a fairly basic introduction to the concept of recursion in Grasshopper, which is only really possible with one of two add-ons, AnemoneĀ or Hoopsnake, unless you want to try writing your… Continue reading