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Growing, Branching, and Scaling Pattern – Example 10.6

Before leaving the topic of growing and branching structures, I wanted to show one more possible variation to the concept which was introduced in Example 10.4 and further explored in Example 10.5. This… Continue reading

Growing and Branching Lines with Regular Starting Conditions – Example 10.5

There were so many variables to play around with in the last script, and it wrapped my brain in knots enough perfecting it, that I decided I’d try and get two blog posts… Continue reading

Growing and Branching Lines – Example 10.4

This script is probably the most complex I have written about so far, but it turned out to be highly flexible and capable of generating a wide range of different possibilities in the… Continue reading

Growing Lines – Example 10.3

Another way to approach growing structures using Grasshopper and the looping Anenome add-on is to incrementally change geometry until a certain condition is met. In this example, I will take a series of lines… Continue reading