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Adding Detail to a Region – Forests – Example 20.6

We may want to add some more detail to particular regions, such as the forests, instead of simply extruding a mass. Here, desire for detail or┬árealism has to be balanced with overall performance… Continue reading

Projecting Surface Regions – Example 20.5

So far, we have looked at projecting points in order to move Buildings to our surface and projecting lines to form networks, such as for roads. Another category of geometry that can be… Continue reading

Drawing Linear Networks – Example 20.4

Getting a linear network into 3 Dimensions can be very easy, depending on what your expectations are, but like every problem, starts to present problems the further you get into it. In this… Continue reading

Projecting Geometry to Surface – Project Point – Example 20.3

To make your 2D information imported from Elk per Example 20.1┬áinto a 3 Dimensional model, we will use various variations of the “Project” geometry components. The first one we will look at is… Continue reading

Adding Topography to the Site Model – Example 20.2

So you have a nice 2D document started and now you want to add some topography? Well, it is possible with Elk, and the process seems pretty straightforward at first, but unfortunately it… Continue reading

2D Site Model from Open Street Maps – Example 20.1

One very useful add-on for Grasshopper is a plugin called Elk which can be downloaded for free from Food4Rhino. While it has some issues, which I will talk about when they come up,… Continue reading