I am a Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield in the UK, although much of the content of this blog was done while I was a PhD student at Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany. As part of my research, I’ve been exploring algorithmic systems to see how they are applied or could be applied to the design of landscapes, specifically in the context of landscape architecture.

This blog was initially created to provide tutorial exercises for a seminar I taught for for learning Grasshopper / Rhino. The examples start out pretty basic, although you may want to watch a few YouTube tutorials covering the basics if you are a complete beginner. Some ones I can highly recommend are done by Nick Senske at the UNCC School of Architecture which I found very helpful in learning the program myself! Look at some of the older tutorials first for basics. Some other excellent tutorials are at Mode Lab. They have very good, paid content, but also a few introductory courses for free!

Although I would love to help if you are having trouble with a particular example, my time is somewhat limited and I cannot offer much individual tutorial advice. So while I may respond to requests for help, the content in this blog is offered “as is.”

If you don’t know or are not trying to learn Grasshopper / Rhino, reading the text may prove of limited use, but hopefully you will still find some of the pictures to be pretty!

I am happy to share my work and images which I have created can be freely cited in non-commercial, academic publications. Please credit Joseph Claghorn and the name of this blog. If you want to let me know how any of the content has been used, please leave a comment under the appropriate material.