Monthly Archive: December, 2014

Agent Movement Using User Drawn Vectors – Example 11.3

This last example of using Agents steered by a static vector field continues the logic started in Example 11.1 and further developed in Example 11.2. In those examples, we used a rather consistent… Continue reading

Agent Movement Using Progressive Noise Distortion Field – Example 11.2

In this script we won’t be looking at anything really new, but will be showing perhaps a much more interesting vector field for our agents to travel through. I must give credit for… Continue reading

Agents Steered by a Vector Field – Example 11.1

One very much talked about method for contemporary form making proposes uses “Agent” behavior to structure designs, although successful applications of this seem few and far between, especially in “built” projects. Agents are, to… Continue reading

Vector Field with Progressive Random Noise – Example 6.5

Example 6.5 looked at adding random values to rotate the vectors within a range. This script takes the idea of adding random rotation (or noise) to a higher level, and will be important for… Continue reading

Moiré Pattern – Example 1.6

A slightly different approach to pattern making is something called a Moiré Pattern. These were mentioned in Stan Allen’s famous essay, “From Object to Field“, as a type of proto-complex field system, and… Continue reading

Growing, Branching, and Scaling Pattern – Example 10.6

Before leaving the topic of growing and branching structures, I wanted to show one more possible variation to the concept which was introduced in Example 10.4 and further explored in Example 10.5. This… Continue reading