Rotating Circles – Example 3.3


This example is also based on a Processing program from the book Generative DesignThe concept, like the last one, is fairly simple. Circles are nested within each other, each having a center point evenly spaced along a line originating from the center of the outermost circle and ending at a variable distance between the center and the edge. See this diagram.


After these circles are drawn, the circles are rotated as a group following the exact logic demonstrated in Example 1.1. Instead of rotating a single polygon, however, we’re rotating a group of objects.

Well, It seems fairly easy in concept. In reality it proved a bit difficult to setup. The key is to get your flattening and grafting (i.e. data structure) just right. If you have a good grasp of data structure it should be easy, if not, this could be some practice 🙂

03_03_bildThere are no new components introduced in this script, so I won’t explain it step by step, but pay attention to the data structure arrows! here is a screenshot, which you can enlarge.