Complex Pattern from Simple Arcs – Example 3.6

06Just to demonstrate one more time how complex patterns can be developed from very simple initial forms, we are going to do what we did in example 3.5 and do a Pick n’ Choose, this time with just one arc rotated in 1 of 4 directions.


The results look quite good, in my opinion, even though its a very simple premise. Certain forms start to emerge from this random distribution.

Slight variations can produce quite different patterns. One produces cats….



And even a simple diagonal line from top left in two different options can create a maze…


So these are just a few possible variations. The lesson is that simple elements randomly combined can become quite complex.

Here is an image with 3 possible variations of the “arcs” script just changing the random number seed, and then some of the other variations…


And here is a screenshot for a script that would produce the first 3 variations. Minor variations to the script would be needed to produce the other variations.